17 - Single - Lesbian - Pothead - Vegetarian - Optimist

I'm Dalena and I'm in love with myself. Rae is my best friend.
We're best friends because we hate the same things. ಠ uಠ ♥
Currently in Georgia. Next is Arizona.

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My dog’s farts are killing me tonight.

I knew I shouldn’t have given him hummus. God dammit.



Literally what I’ve been doing all day. Harvest moon and rollercoaster tycoon.

We’re fucking lame.


Knead baking co. Ojai, CA (by chido eats)

At first you think it’s a cute letter, but no.  “dear Rae This is the most painful event of the day: pooping. It hurts so bad. I don’t know if I will survive. If I die, I just want you to know that you’re gay. Oh, and you’re a faggot. Okay. Wish me luck”
 She put it in my dogs collar and he delivered it to me…while she shit.
Part deux
” a haiku from Dalena to Rae Haikus are simple Sometimes they don’t make any sense Refrigerator. “
Good night tumblr. See ya in the mañanafternoon.

You know you love me.